RisingGen is focussed on becoming the global authority on understanding and engaging the next generation of customers. Customers who have an emerging set of attitudes and values that cut across age groups and wealth status.

We help engage with the next generation through two parts of our business:

  • RisingGen Capital: A unique investment offer that helps nurture the next generation of investors and business leaders.
  • RisingGen Consulting: A specialist consultancy helping businesses understand the next generation of consumers, impact on their current business propositions and develop long term strategies and opportunities to engage with their next generation customers


Our Capital program offers a unique blend of learning and real-world experience, helping you develop practical skills in investing and venture building while building confidence as a future business leader. We call it a real-world MBA.


As a specialist and unique consultancy, we leverage our proprietary insights through tailored methodologies to enable business leaders to define and deliver strategies to address the next generation opportunity. Whether adapting your current proposition or developing a brand new long term business, we work hands on with our clients through the journey.