RisingGen Capital

RisingGen Capital nurtures and empowers the next generation of investors. We work exclusively with early-stage ventures (pre-seed and seed) alongside a structured learning program. You'll gain hands-on investing experience, build crucial business leadership skills, hear from “been there done that” experts and access valuable new networks.

We currently offer two distinct programs with a shared philosophy: to create a unique community, learning and investment experience

Venture Development Programme

Our flagship product, a real-world MBA for the next generation of entrepreneurs and business leaders, with an appetite to invest in and develop new business ideas. We provide the skills and access to experience needed to become business leaders and value creators through a collaborative learning experience that helps mitigate the risks associated with entering venture investing: building, growing, and exiting.

Venture Investing Programme

Specifically designed for professional athletes and sportspeople, this program seamlessly integrates with your careers, offering valuable real-world learning and investment opportunities. It helps you build a diversified network and portfolio of future income streams while providing insights into the potential of venture investing.