Venture Development Programme

As the world approaches the largest-ever transfer of wealth between generations, the opportunities and responsibilities for the rising generation are unparalleled. In anticipation of this critical transition, RisingGen Capital has developed a program to help nurture and collaborate with this generation, preparing them for entrepreneurship, stewardship, and leadership roles.

Embark on a journey alongside a team of peers and experts, gaining hands-on experience in investing and building new ventures – from deal identification to exit, you’ll have the opportunity to see every element of venture investing and building.

The RisingGen Venture Development Programme is a real-world MBA that unlocks the perfect combination of real experience and structured learning with a cohort of fellow RisingGen participants to increase future opportunities and capabilities in business leadership, management, and value creation.

How does it work?

Each Venture Development Programme is focussed on a cohort of up to five RisingGen participants. Each cohort will invest in and help develop two ventures per year. Each participant will have access to structured learning modules through the year, hearing from experts and leading executives in their sectors.

We create a cohort of circa five like-minded RisingGen participants
Each participant invests £200k into a £1m draw-down pool
We will develop two new ventures per year with the participants
Participants will have access to structured learning modules and real-world experience

Structured learning

We offer six distinct learning blocks through structured learning sessions led by a team of inspirational humans who have been there and done it. Contact us to learn more about how it works.


Summary of benefits

Learning foundational venture principles
  • Real-world MBA experience
  • Including, foundations of business & finance, markets and financial systems
  • From deal identification  to proposition & brand development and go-to-market strategies
Growing new ventures collaboratively
  • High performance venturing with proven leadership team
  • Collaborative and qualified deal flow
  • De-risking high risk ventures
  • EIS and SEIS investments
  • Private collective of value-aligned investors
  • Access to thought-leadership mentors, entrepreneurs, and business leaders as members of Adoreum community
  • Access to founders of venture-built businesses