We’re living in the future now.

We offer a specialised consulting product specifically designed to empower C-suite executives to comprehend and capitalise on long-term opportunities related to the next generation of  consumers. Our profound understanding of this rising generation is derived from our proprietary platform, "The Modern Affluence Exchange," and our venture-building approach of creating real-world businesses with the rising generation. This approach allows us to infuse our consulting practice with real-world insights and commercial drivers.

We call our approach Horizon-RG, which is meticulously designed to mitigate uncertainty surrounding long-term opportunity development through a series of discrete "stepping stones." Each step serves to reduce risk, unveil opportunities, and deepen our understanding of the target audience and the path to achieving success.

Horizon-RG: Stepping Stone Methodology

We empower C-suite executives to seize long-term opportunities emerging from next-generation consumers through our specialised consulting product. Our profound understanding of this rising generation stems from two key assets:

  • The Modern Affluence Exchange: a proprietary platform that offers insights and data across sectors and global geographies.
  • Hands-on experience: we have built businesses for the rising-generation of consumers.

More than just advice, actionable strategies. Our venture capital arm delivers invaluable market experience that directly injects consulting engagements with practical insights and tangible market drivers. Get actionable strategies based on what's working with next-gen consumers.

We call our approach Horizon-RG, a meticulously crafted methodology that mitigates uncertainty around long-term opportunity development. It works through a series of discrete "stepping stones," each designed to:

  • Reduce risk.
  • Unveil opportunities.
  • Deepen understanding of the target audience.
  • Create paths to success.
Stepping stone 1
Success Hypothesis
Go / No-go
Stepping stone 2
Validation testing
Stepping stone 3
Implementation assurance
Go / No-go

Our approach: Horizon-RG

We empower business leaders to capitalise on the rising-generation revolution. Deep knowledge of this rising generation, our expertise in crafting novel propositions and brands, and the entrepreneurial drive of start-up veterans fuel our action-oriented "stepping-stone" methodology. We meticulously guide you, using real-world experience and in-depth insights, to develop a defined strategy and unlock the potential of Next-Gen consumers.


The future isn't waiting. It's being shaped, right now, by the rising generation. In finance, consumer, health, automotive, and beyond, this empowered audience is demanding change, creating new markets, and redefining industries. We partner with forward-thinking businesses to understand these shifts and capitalise on the opportunities, helping them turn tomorrow's challenges into today's successes. We’re living in the future now.

We operate in the UK, Europe, North America, UAE, Singapore, Japan and South Korea.

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